Friday, February 11, 2011

.boinga boinga boinga boinga.

dress- Cherokee
shrug- Paper doll
ring- Forever 21
black bangle- India


Sarah said...

Fantastic outfit! I love the color combination and that ring really makes everything POP. Most of all I LOVE your eyeshadow!

donna said...

i've missed your blog posts, georgie!!!
this is a great combo you've put together - i really, super love the color of your dress. blues of all kinds are my fave and this shade is totally fab!!
also, perfect backdrop for your photoshot!!
xoxoxoxo, donna

d said...
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Georgie Blue said...

Sarah, thank you :)
oh and one more thing, pizza monkeys with basketball.

Donna, thank you! :) oh, and one more thing, pizza monkeys with basketball! :)

Suz said...

Please tell Georgie that when I get back to Philly, I want her to help me pick out my outfits--or better yet, help me when I shop! She puts the What not To Wear crew to shame! xoxoxo