Tuesday, January 4, 2011


If I were you, I would put some earrings on right now.
If i were you, when they start making it again,
I would search online
my lost tooth (in the last picture) is just
r a n d o m.


Sarah said...

Gah!! I love love love that dress. I wonder if they have it in my size?
Also, I used to have a pair of moccasin boots a lot like those, only with just fringe at the top. They came up to my knees and I loved them sooooo much. Wore them all the time in Syracuse where it is very cold and snowy, so the boots eventually fell apart. *Sad face*

Congratulations on the first lost tooth! I hope the tooth fairy treated you right. :)

Glad to see a new post from you. Your blog makes me happy.

Kani said...

Lovely Wee People purple dress. Those words are making me think of a very old song you might like: The Purple People Eater. The dress is a nice contrast to the striped stockings and the fringed mocassin boots.

Georgie Blue said...

Sarah and Kani,
Thank you!

Moe said...

How in the world did so much awesome get wrapped up in such a small package!

I saw your blog over on Free People's blog! You are such a fashionista!

Georgie Blue said...

thank you!

Chelsea Lane said...

Georgie Blue. I LLOOOVVEEE your blog. can I put a few of your photos in a post on my blog pretty please? you are just so intriguing!

keep it up girl!

(and go mom!) ;)

d said...

Hi :) I'm Denise, Georgie's mama :) I will ask her when she gets in tonite and I'll let you know.
She's on a date with her dad :)
I checked out your blog, it's awesome! Love it!

d said...

I asked her and she said "yes!yesyesyeysyesyesYES!"
So, yes :)