Monday, December 6, 2010

hi :)

I'm Georgetta. I put this outfit together:
black faux-leather studded motorcycle jacket
with a black, long, sequined-striped dress with a mesh ruffle
pink leggins under it.
And it's all from Target.
And my leaf crown was made by my mom.

My mom is typing everything, and I designed everything, and I'm telling her what to say and she types it for me.
And she took all of the photos and I made all of the poses. I chose the pictures that are in the blog.

And that is all.


Anonymous said...

Hi Georgie! I love your style!!! <3, from Maine!

d said...

YAYAY!!!!!!!!! thank you!

d said...

**mom's note, all comments, words, EVERYTHING, are from Georgie unless otherwise stated with a **mom-note**. Georgie is linked under my blogger account, that's why you see my icon and about me info, fyi xoxoxo**

Susan Ray said...

Possibly the cutest, most creative thing I've ever seen a kid do! Kudos Georgie!

Georgie Blue said...

Yeah! :)

Lilia said...

Georgie - you are super rad!!! :-)

Georgie Blue said...

This is the best comment that I've got so far! :)

Sarah said...

Georgie, you are a genius! I love your style (both clothing and general SASS) and I am super excited that you started this blog!

P.S. I have no style but I appreciate those who do. :)

P.P.S. You are already a super star, but I have no doubt you are going to be a MEGA super star one day!

P.P.P.S. I should hire you to dress me the next time I have somewhere important to go.

donna said...

hi georgetta!
mckenna and i just had a peak at your great style blog!!
we LOVE it.
i especially love your motorcycle jacket choice, i wonder if they sell one in my size!!
we also really love your poses.
i am excited to see what you put together next.

xoxo, donna

denise said...

dear super g,
next time your mom and me hit the rack.. you're stylin me fo sho

lovin the black/pink combo
one of my personal favs

i have no style.. but admire beauty
and you are so full of beauty
you kinda glow bright pink

and next time you see donna
have her try on your jacket

you are awesomesauce + a chocolate covered strawberry .. and a side of morning star chicken patty!!!

xo xo xo

Georgie Blue said...

Sarah, you.are.AWESOME!


Georgie Blue said...

Donna, so far this is the second best comment I got on my blog!

Georgie Blue said...

Denise, this is another really really good comment! But not as good as Donna :)

Thank you!

Redbeet Mama said...


Georgie Blue said...

Thank you!

coffeehound said...

Georgetta, I love this outfit and your poses are great! I can't wait to see what you do next.


Georgie Blue said...

This is another good comment!