Wednesday, December 8, 2010

the Outfit of Happiness :)

This outfit was created by me.
I had much fun making this outfit, now, goodbye ;)


Sarah said...

It definitely makes me happy! I love that you are daring enough to match polka dots with plaid. I'm far too boring. :-)

I also think you have the raddest poses of any model ever!

What shoes would you wear with that outfit, I wonder?

Georgie Blue said...

Sarah, my brown Mary jane's with flowers on them.
That is a nice comment.

Georgie Blue said...

Sarah, those are actually stars not polka dots.
You learned a lesson today! :) *clapping*

Norma Jeanne said...

The colors of that outfit remind me of the seconds right before the sun disappears at dusk. That is my favorite time to be outside.But what really makes me happy is your are so confident in front of the camera.
I am not.
Love, Norma

donna said...

omg, georgie!!
your poses are the BEST evah!!!
also, i'm a huge fan of plaid :)

xoxo, donna

Georgie Blue said...

Another good comment! I'm really famous!
Thank you :)
I just be myself in front of the camera :)

Georgie Blue said...

I love plaid too! Thank you for that comment. The more good comments, the more happiness :)